We pray for all our active duty men and women who serve and offer the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, which some take for granted.  It is our sincere prayer that all will come home safe and soon!

Those who have served our country in the Armed Forces are listed below, next to the Seal for the service in which they served:


USAGrafton Clark Retired US Army, (Elder)

Rev. Larry Mallett  (Pastor Emeritus)

Earl Miracle  (Elder)(Deacon Emeritus)

Bob Shaver (Retired Pastor)

Barry Hanzl







USNRev. Robert Babcox Retired USN (Senior Pastor)

Don Huddleston Retired USN (Deacon)

Robert Sebring

Rev. Eddie Scroggins (Founding Pastor)









USMCDavid Brink









USAFFloyd Hanna (USAF Retired)

Leroy Miracle (Elder)

Leo Grap (Deacon)









USCG We yet to have a USCG Vet will you be the first one?











OMBC has 146 years combined military service.