There can be no doubt that our country is facing some of it’s most troubling times, we have an administration that finds global warming more a threat to National Security then the beheadings of Christians around the world. 
  I understand it is easy to be an arm chair politician, and I do not want my words to seem as a judgment, more over an observation based upon the words of the President. I ask that everyone reading this to do as it tells us in the word of God which you find in:  Ezra 6:10  That they may offer sacrifices of sweet savors unto the God of heaven, and pray for the life of the king, and of his sons. 
  You see it is our responsibility to pray for the President and his family, I would ask that we pray specifically that our President reject the teachings of Islam and truly accept Christ as his savior.  We as a Nation MUST  return to the Judeo Christian Principals the founding fathers used to form the Constitution and this great Nation, only then will we once again be blessed by God!  Make no mistake we are not to hate anyone for their belief but we are to offer the love of Christ to them and when they reject it shake the dust from our feet and move on! The enemy will use hate and anger to confuse and even entice you, Christ is above all grace and forgiving as we must be as well.  We feel as Christians we have an obligation to remain informed and involved to the extent it does not conflict with the word of God!
  Greater is he that is in you then he that is in the world, 1John 4:4.  Please be in prayer for our military men and women who are fighting to preserve our freedoms. In addition pray for our Law enforcement men and women who put their life on the line to keep us safe from  harm.  we see today that police are being scrutinized for ever decision they make, this is sad as NONE of us can judge them as they have to make split second decisions  to preserve the safety and freedoms we have.   
Pastor Bob