Senior Pastor:
Rev. Robert  Babcox,

Pastor BobPastor Bob has a history of serving, which began with 21 years on active duty in the US Navy.  During his enlistment in the Navy he was stationed on board 5 different warships (USS Forrestal CV59, USS Brumby FF-1044, USS Raleigh LPD 1, USS TRIPPE FF-1075, USS Pensacola LSD 38, VP -11, VP 30 and VP-46)  which gave him a combined sea duty of 14+ years.  However in reflecting on his time in the military, he knows his most significant time served was on board USS Forrestal CV-59, where on August 23,1978 he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior.  This set into motion a wonderful God lead journey that would allow him to serve God as Protestant Lay Leader on 4 of his 5 ships.  After attaining the rank of Chief Petty Officer (AW/NAC), in the field of Fleet Counselor, he transferred to the Fleet Reserve in 1997.  Pastor Bob surrendered to the ministry April 2002 and was ordained in August of 2006 at Trinity Baptist Church (currently Orchard Mesa Baptist Church), where along with his bride Nancy, they together served as Youth Pastor and Director for 6 years.  Then in view of a call, Pastor Bob was led to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Grand Junction, Colorado, where he served in the capacity as Assistant Pastor.  In April 2009 Pastor Bob returned home to serve as Trinity Baptist’s Senior Pastor.  Pastor Bob’s wife Nancy is an integral part of his ministry.  she serves God as an RNC at St Mary’s Regional Medical Center, as Clinical Shift Supervisor for the Obstetrics  department.  Pastor Bob and Nancy have 4 daughters:  Sara, Kristen, Katie and Anna, and the Recently welcomed their first Grand child Leah Ann, In addition they love their two Shelties “OZ” a blue merle and “Sinner” a bi-black UKC Champion. (yes you read it right there is a sinner living with a Baptist preacher). Pastor Bob Attended College at USC via Navy Campus for achievement.  He is currently working on his Masters degree in Theology.   Pastor Bob continues to serve in Uniform as the Deputy Chief Chaplain District 4 and 5, of the Colorado State Patrol, in Western Colorado. He has recently been trained as a Victims Advocate for the Mesa County Sherriff’s Department. He also Volunteers with the Western Slope Patriot Guard Riders and Hope West.  Pastor Bob has a unique leadership style that was cultivated in the US Navy and refined in the private sector, which allows him to understand the challenges that face volunteer service.  


Pastor in training.

Justin AJustin Aragon is a proud single father of two great children, and he and his son were baptized the summer of 2015! We’re VERY impressed with what he has accomplished and look forward to more good works from him in the future!  April 2016 Justin Surrendered to the Ministry, he feels it is the Lords calling for him to be a Pastor, quiet possibly at Orchard Mesa Baptist Church.  Justin is slated to be Licensed to Preach in May 2016.  In addition he is studying for his undergraduate degree in Theology via Grand Canyon University!  He is currently working towards being Associate Pastor for youth and Children’s Department. Justin had the privilege of Baptizing his daughter this year here in the Church, not a dry eye in the building.   
Adam has had a heart for God and his people for many years of his life. Growing up in Utah, he found himself volunteering at the food bank and the regional hospital in Ogden. He also enjoyed outdoor volunteer projects like working landscape at a monastery and restoring run down parks in poor locations. As his desire for God grew, he did more volunteering at church  events and youth ministry. Knowing that God has been calling him to the ministry as a Pastor, he went searching to find       God’s calling on his life in the Washington DC area. It was there where he learned the true nature of God’s love through his son Jesus Christ and experienced freedom by grace. Though Adam grew up religious, but he came to know Christ as          savior and was  baptized in October of 2013. The following year, Adam took an opportunity to move back to the                 Mountainous region of the United States and moved to Grand Junction Colorado. Since then Adam has been involved with youth ministry,            teaching classes of Jesus in the Old Testament, young adult groups, retreats and also help coordinate church events. But none of those things     was what God wanted him to do at locations he wasn’t meant to stay at. In his journey to seek God and his will, it lead him to meet Pastor Bob     and attend Orchard Mesa Baptist church, only to called by God to serve as Associate Pastor in the area of Administration.                                                                                                                                                              


Leroy MiracleElder Leroy Miracle(Chairman of the Elder Board), has been a Member of this church for 45 years.  He served his country in the US Air Force during the Vietnam war. Leroy’s nick name is “Paul Bunyan”.  Like the giant woodsman Leroy is a very pleasant and mild mannered man who loves hugs. Leroy now serves as one of our elders.  His wisdom has been and continues to be a welcome asset to this church.  Leroy has a love of the Lord we all could emulate, his testimony will bring tears to the eyes of the hardest of hearts.  He is driving force behind many of the Churches ministries.  Leroy also Serves as Outreach and Sunday School Director.


Leo GrapElder Leo Grap, 
has served our country in the US Air Force.   His wisdom, passion and compassion are a true compliment to our staff.   Leo has been a blessing to have as a Deacon, and now as a Church Elder.  His wisdom and leadership are compliment an already excellent Elder team.




BarryBarry Hanzl
 served our country in the Army Airborne division, and also served the community as a Sheriff Deputy.  Barry has been married to his wife of 41 years, Gayle and they have 2 children, and 6 grandchildren.  They have also been committed to Foster Care services here in the community. Like all Deacons he serves in the Food Pantry.
Don HuDon Huddlestonddleston (Chairman of the Deacon board)  served more than 20+ years in the US Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran.   He also serves as the Building and Grounds Supervisor and the Bus Ministry Director.  We are delighted to have serving the Lord with us at OMBC.  Like all Deacons he serves in the Food Pantry. 
Mike JohnsonMike Johnson brings many years of experience in serving as a Deacon.  He has a trusted style of leadership, which is beneficial to the Deacon board.  He is also a volunteer in the Food Pantry. In addition he served his country in the US Air Force!  Like all Deacons he serves in the Food Pantry. 


Alex Brooks 
is the a hardworking husband of our ministry assistant and the proud father of a 4 year old boy. He has lived in Colorado his entire life and has called the Grand Valley his home since he was in his teens. He is committed to our community and his wife volunteers him for many events around town.
Executive staff:
Mike ShephardMike Shephard  -Treasurer  Mike is a Graduate of Colorado State Western University in Gunnison Colorado, with a degree in English, in addition he and his wife Jane owned and operated their own Christian book store, here in Grand Junction for 25+ years.  His knowledge and wisdom are key on the staff, and Pastor Bob relies heavily on him!
IMG_4236Nancy Babcox  – Clerk             
Nancy graduate of Nursing from DeKalb College in Dekald Georgia in the Field of Nursing. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics, she is an RN-C and an Advanced fetal monitoring instructor! She uses her talents as her ministry and a very effective one it is.   Nancy is also responsible for the OMBC clothing closet, that provides clothes to those in need.  Nancy has recently been sworn as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (C.A.S.A) for Mesa county helping children from abused and neglected households!  
Melissa Brooks – Ministry Assistant  and Women on Mission Director
She has a passion for service as she was an integral part of forming the non profit group Grant a Wish of Grand Junction Colorado, this gives children who would normally not have the opportunity to be in an after school sport program or dance program that chance.  In addition she serves in the capacity of Fund Raising, for the Orchard Mesa Baptist Food Pantry and Operation Inner Dependence. Orchard Mesa Baptist is privileged to support the Grand Junction Grant a wish program in which Melissa is Executive director.  

Dara ‘Derbigny’ Fubler –  Worship leader, she has a very rich history of successful experience, to include School district 51, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Presbyterian Church,  music departments. She obtained her B.A. in Music from Harding University.  She is married with one son.  We are so happy to have her and her family as part of the Orchard Mesa Baptist church family.