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The first two pictures are the original Church plant which met on what is now the Mesa County Fair Grounds The cars were the Sunday school rooms! 
Trinity 35
Orchard Mesa Baptist Church was founded in 1955 as Trinity Baptist Church, by Pastor Eddie Scroggins and his wife June.  Eddie Served as Pastor until 1972 when he was called to start another church in Paonia, Colorado.  Trinity had several interim and short term Pastors between 1972 and 1989.  When Pastor Larry Mallett was called to be Pastor he became Trinity’s longest serving Pastor of 19 years.  He retired August 2008 and was replaced by an interim Pastor who served until April 2009 (when Reverend Robert Babcox was called).  God does everything for a reason.  Pastor Babcox surrendered to the Ministry under Pastor Mallett and was later Ordained by Pastor Mallett and Pastor Scroggins.  Pastor Scroggins went home to be with the Lord January 31, 2010. As we do not believe in coincidence God called Pastor Eddie home the same day Pastor Babox became a full time Pastor of the church that Pastor Eddie Scroggins had started. 
As with any Kingdom work there are ups and downs.  Trinity Baptist (now Orchard Mesa Baptist) is currently recovering from a downturn. We continue to grow as God provides and blesses the church.  OMBC is located at the corner of 27 1/2 road and B 1/2 road, just off highway 50.  We are behind the newly built Autozone.  For those traveling through Grand Junction on vacation, the KOA campground is only 1.5 miles away.
Trinity’s start was in a small adobe building on the property of what is now Mesa County Fairgrounds.  Sunday school classes were held in cars.  In 1956, they moved into their current location, 2748 B 1/2 Road Grand Junction, Colorado 81503. The Church was built in 3 phases, the last being completed in 1971.  Trinity started two other churches in the Grand Valley that are still thriving today.  In May 2009, Trinity Changed it’s name to
Orchard Mesa Baptist Church.
Unfortunately, in May 2009, OMBC was the victim of a break in by two young men, one of which has since accepted the Lord.  However, during their two hours alone in the church they caused $65,000.00 damage that took over 400 man hours to clean up. While this sounds terrible (and it was), God turned the entire ordeal into a blessing for the church, in a way that only God can.  As a result, the church now has video surveillance and an alarm system. OMBC was fortunate to have one of the two boys worship with us in November 2011, showing that at OMBC we do not speak forgiveness, we show it.   It is difficult to write the history of a church (because so many have done so much to truly make it grow and flourish).  We know most of the sweat and tears are from the laymen and women who have served over the 59 years of OMBC time in Grand Junction.  They have provided the church with a back-breaking and time honored effort that goes into making a successful church.  They often (unfortunately) go unnoticed and unappreciated by the members of the church.  With that being said, the one we serve always notices and always appreciates.
 On 23 September 2017 Orchard Mesa Baptist Church was accepted into fellowship with the Uncompahgre Baptist Association (UBA).  OMBC has been a part of the GVBA since its inception in the mid fifties.  However, the UBA seemed to be a better fit for the vision this church has for reaching the lost in Western Colorado.   
The following is a list of the Pastors Trinity Baptist/Orchard Mesa Baptist who have served the call of God:
Rev. Eddie Scroggins 1955 to 1971 (Pastor Emeritus) Founder
Rev. Bobby Parker 1971 to 1972
Rev. Dub Chambers 1972 to 1975 (Author of Bee Hive Evangelism )
Rev. Ben Early 1975 to 1978
Rev. Ken Atherton 1978 to 1984
Rev. Dan Raley 1985 – 1987
Rev. Paul Jones 1987 -1991
Rev. Larry Mallett 1991 to 2008 (Pastor Emeritus) Longest serving Pastor.
Rev. Robert Babcox 2009 to Present